pondělí 13. ledna 2014

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pondělí 23. prosince 2013

Gold Acorn Caps DIY tutorial

Easy few minutes DIY tutorial : golden painted acorn caps

1. You will need gold or silver color, acorn caps, paint brush
2. Simply start painting with the gold or silver color the inside of the acorn caps
3. You can paint also the acorn
4. And then glu it to the cap with a hot glue gun
5. And that´s it! :)


Christmas and Winter Decor - Felted Acorns

Last Minute DIY tutorial : Christmas and Winter Decor - Felted Acorns

1. I make my own felt balls, but you can buy them from the craft store
2. You gonna need acorn caps

3. Use your hot glue gun and place a drop of glue into the acorn cap
4. Gently press the felt ball inside the acorn cap
5. Let it dry completely and.. that´s it! 

Post a link with your recreations in comments below!