čtvrtek 28. listopadu 2013

Galaxy Nail Photo Tutorial

1. A coat of black nail polish.

2. Dab a white nail polish with a sponge
3. Dab a deep blue and turquoise nail polish with the same sponge
4. Paint a thin coat of white glitter nail polish
*What I used:


pondělí 25. listopadu 2013

DIY Fall Wood Candlestick

DIY photo tutorial: fall wood candlestick :)

What you gonna need:

Step 1: Preheat your glue gun and start to glue small pieces of wood stick to your glass:

Step 2: Continue to glue all of the wood stick to the glass, try to put them as close to each other as possible:

Step 3: When you´ve already glued all of them, put the small tea candle inside the glass
and that´s it! How easy ;)


neděle 24. listopadu 2013

Handmade Fabric/Organza Flowers

Bright and colorful fabric flowers made from organza and chiffon fabric. Just one inspirational board :) Enjoy!

sweet elf flower

mystic purple flower

summer colorful flower

bridal white flower
gold button flower
bright white flower
sweet apple flower
little peachy flowers