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Fall Time Jewelry

středa 2. října 2013

10. Amazing Pumpkin Fall Decorations

Here is pumpkin decor inspiration gallery :)

1. Use a ribbon or decorative tape

2. Decor your pumpkin with glitters or rhinestones

3. Use a jewelry wire and create spirals and wire jewels

4. Simply paint your pumpkin with a favourite design

5. Take your glue gun and glued some color or natural leaves

6. Spray your pumpkin with gold color or use gold flakes

7. Decor pumpkin with animal design

8. Take a lace or a template, place it on to your pumpkin and spray it over with some color

9. Cover your pumpkin with a lace or a textile of your choice

10. Or simply cut out different designs from your pumpkin...

and you are ready for fall! :)